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Song Mood/Theme Instrumentation Length mp3 wav
1 This is What We Do (Intro) Prelude Archtop Guitar, Tarima 0:37 get get
2 Come and Get My Love Giving up on love, somber Archtop Guitar, Tarima 3:10 get get
3 The Language Love learning to be good, mellow Acoustic Guitar, Tarima 2:27 get get
4  I Love You Lovers playing hooky, upbeat Acoustic Guitar, Body Percussion 3:25 get get
5 My Love Can’t Save You Anymore Bad love after good Archtop Guitar, Tarima 3:29 get get
6 Ready for Your Love Good love, upbeat Archtop Guitar, Tarima 2:54 get get
7 Because it Rhymes with Sin Good Love Wurli Keys, Tarima 4:38 get get
8 Nostalgic Love nostalgia, upbeat Archtop Guitar, Tarima, Rhodes 3:35 get get
9 Starving Kind of Love “Love” I won’t tolerate, dramatic Archtop Guitar, Tarima, Violin, Cello 4:29 get get
10 My Every Other Tenderness Fading love Acoustic Guitar, Tarima 3:23 get get
11 House of the Rising Sun Not to do what I have done Archtop Guitar, Tarima 4:58 get get
12 This is What We Do (Reprise) Resignation Archtop Guitar, Tarima 0:58 get get